BEST WESTERN PREMIER Ark Hotel is the idyllic choice for those who travel for business or leisure purposes since its unique style.


Meet the magnificent capital of Tirana.

Tirana, the capital of Albania is ideally situated between the Dajti Mountain and the coastal plains on its opposite side. It is a dynamic city full of contrasts, where modern lifestyle meets old traditions. Tirana is a continually developing commercial city with rich cultural life. It hosts important public institutions, private and public universities and it has also, a rich mosaic of historic and natural landmarks. Tirana is an ideal destination for those who enjoy shopping and quality nightlife since it is the vibrant core of the Albanian country. Some of the reasons to visit Tirana’s centre are the renovated National Art Gallery, the new Post blloku Memorial and the magnificent Grand Park. The city’s friendly tourist information service is behind the National Museum.


BEST WESTERN PREMIER Ark Hotel is built in a unique location

Ark hotel is within a 2 minute walking distance from the main terminal of Tirana International Airport “Mother Theresa”.The hotel further allows for easy access to Tirana’s city centre, Scanderbeg square, which is about 14km away, as well as other famous parts of the city. In addition, there is public transportation next to the main entrance of the International Airport, plus Ark Hotel in Tirana has direct access by car, since the existing main road infrastructure is in excellent condition.

On the other side, one of the best long stunning beaches and summer destinations in Albania are only 20 minutes away from Best Western business and luxury Ark hotel.